Alright, so this whole thing is a little new to me. Personally, I dislike the Internet and its inherent intrusions into privacy, I hate journaling and I find a lot of what people post to the internet kind of self-indulgent and irritating. So naturally I decided it was time to start posting things on the internet, thereby journaling my personal thoughts and making them public in a sort of tired, self-indulgent and irritating format that I’m sure everyone’s going to love.

All that aside, this is going to be a blog about food and drink. Or, more precisely my own experiments in cooking it, curing it and brewing it. I’m going to be taking part in Charcutepalooza, mostly as a good chance to get back into curing, but there will probably be some other postings that come along as well.

I hope you enjoy it, or at the very least find it somewhat entertaining and enlightening.

One response to “AN INTRODUCTION”

  1. Donna & Tom K. says:

    Hey Jake,

    Love the recipes not quite sure about the “Duck” we do live in that part of the country.
    Will have to put a few to the test. Great to see you doing this. Hope things are good in Texas.